Setting up Cemetery

Download our step-by-step Cemetery Success Checklist to make sure you've covered the initial set up and are ready to start entering records!

Success Checklist - Scribe Cemetery

Once your Cemetery access has been set up by the Scribe team and upon logging in you will be presented with the Scribe Cemetery Home Screen.

Click here to access a set up checklist with the initial steps for setting up your Cemetery database.

Firstly you will need to set up your master records under 'Set up'

Before you start using Cemetery you need to add entries in  Agents, Cemetery Types, Cemetery Areas, Burial Types, Memorial Types and Deceased Types.

Agents   This will be your contacts such as a funeral director or memorial supplier. Enter details for each, the key ones being the company name and postal address.

Cemetery types  The types of Cemetery you manage e.g Closed Churchyard or Lawn Cemetery

Cemetery areas The specific areas within your Cemetery Types e.g Garden of Remembrance (short name Garden) and Burials –North side (short name Burials). You will also need to add in the total capacity for each area.

Burial types  Details of types of burial within your Cemetery e.g Burial, Cremated Remains

Memorial types  Details of types of Memorials within your Cemetery e.g Headstone or Flat Tablet

Deceased type Create types of Adult and Child.

We will cover the Fee table separately  here.

Once these details have been completed you now have something to select from when making any new entry in the cemetery registers. We can look at each of these in turn, but now we need to consider how to operate the cemetery, and set up our cemetery policies on grave use.

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