Managing your Cemetery : In Review

Reviewing the required processes:

Now we have looked at all aspects of managing you cemetery's records, let’s summarise and revise by considering common practical steps. This is by no means an exhaustive list:

You have received a funeral request from the funeral director who has given you the name of the deceased and says there is already a purchased grave. They have no other details:

  • Use Search to locate all existing graves or existing rights in that name
  • Check the Cemetery Plan to corroborate
  • You find Exclusive and Memorial Rights exist
  • Satisfy yourself that the right extends to the current deceased without any further transfer or exclusive right needed
  • Consider whether grave conditions permit burial
  • Check you have sufficient details from funeral director (coffin size etc), and any religious or family requirements
  • Use Copy to create the new funeral entry from
  • Complete the Burial record entry
  • Consider whether the grave position needs onsite verification
  • Arrange for temporary memorial removal; use removal document (and perhaps the plot marker report)
  • Instruct the grave digging team; use a grave digging notice (and perhaps plot marker report)
  • Update the Cemetery Plan
  • Process confirmation documents from funeral
  • Issue an invoice or receipt, or transfer item to Scribe Accounts
  • Process any related applications such as new exclusive rights, or additional inscription on memorial
  • Make a note to check condition of reinstated memorial in due course

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