Condition Report and Inspections

It is the responsibility of the council or cemetery provider to maintain the cemetery in a way which is conducive to public safety, and to the health and safety of the workforce. 

Although people who have paid for a memorial may not always fully understand this, the land is not owned by them so their rights are limited, and they also have responsibilities. The council has a duty to monitor safety and can require the memorial owner to make it safe if it does not meet the required standards. Of course, it also has a duty to make all this clear to owners of the rights it grants them.

In Scribe Cemetery there is a range of extra functions to allow the condition of graves and memorials to be recorded, to require work to be done, and to set flags against graves which are below standard.

The Inspection screen can be accessed from any record relating to the grave - locate the record from the records main screen, under the 'More' button click on 'Inspections' and here any existing records can be located or a new record added. 


The entry provides the opportunity to record information about the condition of the grave overall, and in particular of any memorial placed on it. This is the best place to record detailed information about the memorial so that you can monitor any deterioration.

How much detail you record here is entirely up to you, but it is a convenient place to hold your knowledge of all such things. You can record the dates and results in respect of any trial dig prior to an excavation, any removal of the memorial for cleaning or additional inscription, and any safety inspection.

Importantly you can set a flag that the grave is in any way unsafe, which will then give an alert if a future application is made on the grave.

Condition Report

You can also produce a schedule for the entire cemetery area using the Condition Report, but you would generally only use this for a comprehensive inspection (although you could always print one or two specific pages if looking at certain graves). 

Select Condition Report (under Reports) and select a specific Cemetery Area from the drop-down or set to 'All' to view the entire cemetery.

Choose whether to order the report by Survey Date or Grave No. and select View Report.

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