Your Cemetery Plan

Scribe Cemetery provides a mapping facility to maintain a topical record of your graves, memorials, reserved and empty plots which can be viewed as a standard map or satellite view.

Click on the Map heading in the main menu - Scribe will use your council address from the profile page to find your default location. 

Select whether you wish to view the map as a standard map or satellite view.

Under the advanced tab select your Cemetery Area

To assign a plot to the map click on the map on the required location and a pop up box will appear, from this select your burial record (or add an empty plot) and click on save location.

A marker will now appear on the map, you can now click on the marker to see the details relating to this plot.

The markers are colour coded depending on the type of plot:

Blue - Burial

Red - Exclusive

Yellow - Memorial

Green - Empty Plot

You can rotate the plot and change the size by moving the sliding bars or add in the degrees of rotation manually.

Should the marker be in the wrong position you are able to remove this by clicking on the marker and selecting 'Remove Burial from this Location' you can also edit the record from within the marker.

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