Council Profile - Accounts Users Only

Here you can input all the details of your Council - the first section includes name, address, precept, other receipts and accounting type. 

The value of the precept and the other receipts do not have to be exact - the amounts entered in to these fields do not feed in to any of the accounts on Scribe.

Setting the Accounting Type will filter the Year End menu to only show the relevant menu options to either working in Receipts & Payments or Income & Expenditure.  This can be changed at any time as required.

Select whether you wish your annual return format to be in English or Welsh and your asset valuation method (usually purchase value).


The next section involves inputting your VAT details - this will form part of the 'Making Tax Digital' submissions and ensure you see the correct menu options.  If you are not VAT registered then leave this box unticked and you will see the Form 126 report within your VAT menu.

You then have to option to allow the Scribe Support team access to your account for training and support assistance. We strongly suggest you leave this option checked so that upon contacting us we can immediately look into any issue raised.

The final section will show you your Scribe Licence and renewal date along with your user limit and customer identification number.

Click on 'Save' to complete your settings.

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