Once you have logged onto Scribe you can begin the initial set up for your bookings.


Add a Venue:

To initially set up your bookings page you will need to set up the venues you wish to hire out. This can be done as follows:

  • Once you have logged into Bookings select the 'Setup' menu and 'Venues' from the drop-down options.
  • imply select 'Add New Venue' in the top right hand corner. You will now be able to enter all the details of your venue including name, type, capacity and address. 

Basic Details

  • Add the Venue name, Status, Type and Description.
  • You can change the status of the venue via the drop-down with the option of active or inactive, this will dictate if it appears on your bookings page.
  • Add your location on the map using the search facility - Scribe bookings is integrated with Google My Business which will provide your venue with ratings and reviews, user photos and structured addresses. It is useful to create separate google place name for individual venues such as a hall with a playing field that are hired separately to get reviews/photos for each.
  • The map will update and pin-point the location.
  • You can also choose to show or hide capacity details on your website by selecting an option from the drop-down.


  • To enter the venue availability simply click on the 'From/To Time' box and you will be given a drop-down displaying half-hourly times. Initially all boxes will appear purple with a tick, to de-select certain days simply click this box.
  • Select the minimum and maximum booking slot available for your venue (from 15 minutes to full day) and add a buffer time between bookings if required.
  • Select the maximum time in advance that bookings can be made (you can also restrict block bookings to the financial year).


  • You have the option to upload images of your venue which will appear to customers on your booking page accessed via your unique booking link.
  • A video can also be uploaded using a YouTube or Vimeo URL link.
  • A file can be added to the venue to provide Terms and Conditions or a Bookings form that the customer needs to complete upon booking,

Booking and Payment Status

  • Add in your summary of cancellation policy
  • Select which fees apply to your venue (if your venue is being added rather than edited no fee group will exist and you will need to add a new fee name in the right hand box e.g Bowling Green, Village Hall).
  • Add in any text that you wish to show for the venue price, this will also allow the bookings page to be used as an enquiry form rather than an actual booking to be made - leave blank to display the value from the Fees and bookings to be made online which can be selected from the dropdown. 

Activity List

  • Customers like to know what activities are suitable for a given venue. Select all the activities available at the venue by selecting the check box, this is presented as a sentence on the bookings home page and venue details page. If none are ticked they will not appear on your bookings page.

Additional Services

  • Give customers the option to select additional services when making a booking online, simply select the checkbox next to the services available for that specific venue. You can then select the Unit and enter the cost (if any) of the service.

  • Once you have entered all the details for your venue, select 'Add'. You will then be taken to a screen which allows you to enter the fees for the venue you have just added.

  • You do not need to select the drop-down for 'Venue' as this field will automatically be entered from the venue you have just added.
  • You can select the 'Duration' in which you'd like to hire out your venue using the drop-down. Then enter the minimum and maximum quantity for this duration.
  • To finish simply enter the price you wish to charge per duration selected and click 'Add'.
  • See Fees for more information on individual rates and discounts.

Edit a venue:

  • To edit venues that have already been added go to Setup > Venues > select 'More' to the right of the venue and click 'Edit'. This will take you to a page similar to that when adding a venue. Here you will be able to edit the details, availability, status and description added.

Copy a Venue:

Should you have similar venues, such as multiple rooms that can be booked, you can copy these details to save time and effort. Simply go to Setup>Venues and select More>Copy next to the venue of your choice. This will duplicate the details within the record which can then be edited if needed.

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