When adding a new venue you will automatically be taken to a page where you can enter the fees for that venue. 

Add venue fees:

  • Once logged into Scribe, select 'Setup' from the left hand side and click 'Fees' from the drop-down. This will show you a list of venues you have added with fees previously entered. 
  • Select 'Add Fees' in the top right hand corner, add in a name for your fee (e.g Meeting Room, Football pitch etc) and click save.
  • You will then need to add details to your fee.
  • Return to the Fees list and locate the fee name required - click on more and 'add fee'.
  • First, click on the drop-down button for 'Venue' and select the one you have yet to add fees to.
  • You can select the 'Duration' in which you would like to hire out your venue using the drop-down, then enter the minimum and maximum quantity for this duration.
  • To finish simply enter the price you wish to charge per duration selected and click 'Add'. This will then appear in a list with all venues that have been assigned fees.
  • You can set up numerous fee types per venue to allow for discounted/special rates - see below

Individual Rates / Discounts

  • The advanced tab will allow you to select which customer type the fee will apply to, this will normally be all or if offering a specific customer group a discounted rate this can be selected here. You can select if the rate is only applicable on certain dates or times.
  • When the customer then keys in the code during their booking this rate will apply.

Edit venue fees:

  • To edit fees that have already been added go to Setup > Fees and select 'More' to the right of the venue and click 'Edit'. This takes you to a page similar to that when adding a fee. Here you will be able to edit the duration, minimum and maximum quantity and price charged per duration.

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