By selecting 'Calendar' you can view a snapshot of upcoming bookings. 

The default calendar view is weekly, however you can change this to daily or monthly via the buttons on the right.

To move between weeks, or your preferred view, you can click on the arrows on the left to view past and future bookings.

You can also view bookings for a specific venue by clicking on the drop down 'All' and selecting your venue.

If you see a booking on the calendar and you wish to check or amend the details, simply select the booking and it will take you to the booking edit page. 

Here you can view and change any details, including moving the status from 'Provisional' to 'Confirmed' or 'Cancelled' as well as adding any additional notes and setting the booking as paid.

The Calendar can be printed by clicking on the 'Calendar Report' button at the top right of the page.

The report can be filtered using the date selection and the advanced tab - click on view report to produce the document which can be printed, downloaded or shared.

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