Customise Booking Page

Your unique booking link

A unique booking link is provided to instantly take online bookings. Add this as a link to on your website, share it on social media, send it in emails or even add it to your venues listing on Google maps.

Privacy Link and Terms and Conditions URL

Here you can add in the URL to your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy so that this will show on your bookings page.   A Cookie consent banner will be shown if a Privacy policy url is set.

Add your Email Address and Phone Number

Add in your Email address and phone number for booking notifications, general enquiries and block booking enquiries. The bookings page can be used as a contact form if no price is set against the venue.

You can also customise your sender name for your SMS notifications. This must be limited to 11 characters long (no numbers)

View your bookings Page

Click on the 'View your bookings page' link to view your finalised page. Updates can be made at any time by returning to the Bookings Page menu option.

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