Payment Integration

Enabling Stripe:

Before you can set up Stripe you will need to enable payment integration. To do this head to Account/Council Profile and check the box to 'Enable Payment Integrations'. Select Save to update. You will now see the Payment Integration option under Account.

Setting up Stripe:

  • To set up your Stripe account head to Account>Payment Integration and click on 'Add Stripe'.
  • Select the arrow next to 'Don't have a Stripe Account?'. You'll then see the 3 steps to set up Stripe, for now, click on 'Register for Stripe'. 
  • Once registered, simply follow steps 2 and 3 as shown in the screenshot below.  To do this from the Stripe home page, click on > Get your API Keys.
  • Copy your publishable key and paste it in the 'publishable key' box in Scribe Bookings
  • Then click on the 'Reveal test key 'button in Stripe and copy the Secret key.  Paste the Secret key in the 'Secret key' box in Scribe Bookings.
  • Only share your secret key with applications you trust.

  • Select the bank account in which you wish to receive Stripe payments using the dropdown. By selecting 'None' it will go to the bank account on the invoice.
  • All Stripe payments will charge a transaction fee. As well as receiving a receipt, you will also be making a small payment. To account for this payment you'll need to select a relevant cost code from the drop-down box. It may be that you set up a specific cost code in Scribe Accounts (e.g. Stripe Fees).
  • Once you're happy with the details entered, select 'Save'. 

Using Stripe within Scribe:

  • You will create and view your invoices in the usual way, by sending bookings to your account.
  • When viewing the invoice, select the check box next to 'Accept Online Payments with Stripe'. Your invoice will automatically update and a link to pay online will appear at the bottom of the invoice.

  • When customers click on the link they will see the following page where they can enter their bank details to make a payment.
  • Once paid, the sales invoice will automatically update from 'Outstanding' to 'Paid' and be converted into a receipt.

  • To view the payment in Stripe directly from your Scribe account, select the sales invoice (Transactions>Sales Invoices>More>View) and click on 'View in Stripe'. Here you can view the payment details including the transaction fee value.
  • You can also view the total payment made, transaction fee, and payment received directly in Scribe. Once the customer has paid, select Transactions>Sales Invoices>More>Edit and click on the 'Show Settlement' button at the bottom.

  • As the sales invoice is automatically converted to a receipt once paid, you will see a transaction of the full amount under receipts and the fee value under payments. 
  • The payment created will have 'Stripe' as the description and supplier. It will automatically include the invoice number as well as a note explaining this is a transaction fee paid to Stripe.

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